The Gifts to Choose on Dhanteras Day

The gifts and decorations play an important part of the Dhanteras festival. Dhanteras is the best day to buy a utensils or accessories for our home. Gifts like gold and silver coins are bought as it shows wealth. New vehicles are bought as it is auspicious and also the dates of marriages are decided on this day. 

So, buying a gift is important and each gift represents or symbolizes a meaning. Buying a gold or silver or utensils is to symbolize to ward off lord Yama and respect him according to the legend of king Hima and keep the people of the house safe. Diyas are lit throughout the whole night and praises are sung to Goddess Lakshmi to welcome her. Sweets are bought as gifts and are offered to the goddess. Flowers are the simple presents that you can send to your loved ones on Dhanteras festival. Different gifts like varieties of Indian sweets such as laddu, peda, rosogolla, burfi and so on, can be sent as gifts for your loved ones. These sweets taste good and your family will enjoy these sweets.

Purchasing gold and silver is an important part of people on this festival day. Precious ornaments are purchased as gifts on this day as it represents good luck. Gifting attractive jewellery is a part of special Dhanteras gifts. People can select the gold or silver according to their needs. Indian women love gold jewelries like necklace, bangles, chains, earrings and a gift of such will make them happy. Pearl is also another option for gifting because of the fact that they are simple and elegant. Women in gold or pearl will look beautiful and attractive. To make the occasion special, diamond is a very good option.

Significance of Dhanteras

The day is dedicated to buying new things for home as well as ornaments. This makes the day a profitable day for traders. As people see it as an auspicious day, they make purchases, especially gold and silver ornaments and in turn indirectly supports the industry. So, the day ends with a rise in the Indian industry. It has its effect on all industries, especially the metals and gift industry. People will purchase gold, silver and other utensils to welcome prosperity in their houses. It is a day to start anything new. It plays an important part in Indian economy.

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