The Best Methods to Preserve the Dried Flowers and Arranging Them

dried flowersPreservation of the dried flowers

The dried flowers are widely used for the interior as well exterior decorations of the houses sand commercial building. These flowers can be easily preserved at home in all the seasons of the year. The dry flowers can be arranged in special types of bouquets. These dry flower arrangements can also be preserved for a long period of time. The dry floral arrangements are more durable than the fresh ones. Flowers of almost all types can be preserved in dried forms. The dried flowers can be applied in all types of floral arrangements, like bunches, bouquets, vases, baskets and many more. Nowadays the dried flower business is becoming more popular than the fresh flower business in the global industry.

The things needed

The following major things are needed to arrange the dried flowers:

  • Dried flowers
  • Hairspray
  • Jar
  • Scissors
  • Cellotape
  • Gum

dry flowersColorful ribbons are also needed along with the articles mentioned above for arranging the dry flowers. All types of flower arrangement with the accessories can be made with the dried flowers too. The techniques are almost the same as that of the freshly plucked flower arrangements. The hairspray should be applied in calculated amount in order to avoid clogging of the dry flowers. These dry flowers are more brittle that is why need more care while arranging.

The instructions

First step

One thing must be fully ensured that the flowers are all totally dried. One of the best and the most effective ways in drying the flowers is to hang them upside down in a dry dark room. The room should also be warm. After that the flower should be bundled by stems. These should be tied with the help of a rubber band. Finally, the whole bundle must be hanged upside down to dry completely. At the time of drying, the flower bundles must be kept untouched and undisturbed. This procedure may take a long time starting from 2 weeks to 1 month. The place which is selected to dry the flowers must be of very low humidity.

dry flowersSecond step

Now, hairspray must be evenly sprayed all over the dried flowers. It is done in order to prevent the flowers from falling apart from each other and to make the flower stems remain stuck with one another. Calculated amount of hairspray must be sprayed over the dried flowers since the moisture content in too much of hairspray may hinder the drying process of the flowers. Thus, a light coat of hairspray is ideal for this purpose.

Third step

The dry flower application must be exactly decided before arranging them. These are mostly used for the decoration purposes at homes as well as the commercial centers. If the flowers are used for decoration then, a clear and transparent glass jar must be arranged. Then, the dried flowers should be kept carefully in the glass jar. The glass jar must be provided with a lid which can be closed safer taking the elements out. The glass jar must be placed in a place which is away from the direct sun rays.


flowerhangerThe fourth step

In this very important step, the dried flowers should be wrapped in a newspaper and then placed in a box of shoe for some time. This shoe box must be placed in a dry as well warm place inside the house. Utmost care must be taken that the newspaper do not get crushed as the dry flowers inside it are very fragile. The used newspaper should be kept as flat as possible for achieving the best results and get the flowers dried more.


The fifth step


The dry flowers can be kept reserved for a very long period of time by freezing them with the application of various processes. The dry flowers can be frozen with the help of the silica gel. The whole complex is kept inside freezing equipment. The whole dry flower freezing procedure takes mostly 12 hours. The dry flowers usually get frozen at 5 degree Fahrenheit temperature.


All the steps mentioned above are best applicable to dry and arrange the flowers. The dried flowers can also be preserved for a longer time period with the help of the freezing process. All these steps are quite easy and can be done by anyone at home only. The dried flowers are offered by the most renowned florist companies from across the whole world. The prices of these flowers are also utmost reasonable and easily affordable by people from each and every class of the society. These flowers are now in very high demand by people round the globe. Thus, it is a lucrative trade to arrange the dried flowers in splendid arrangements and presented as cherished gift items to the people in all types of celebrations and occasions.