Requirements for growth of Lilies

Requirements for growth:

Lilies are typically planted during fall or spring. Lilies have benefiting quality of thriving in all kinds of soils. But it is mandatory to have a good soil structure particularly in top layer. It must be drained well during the entire growing period. The two factors that determine the ideal climate for growing lilies are the temperature and light intensity. Adding rotten manure and rotten leaves manure helps in improving clay or sandy soils. Bulbs should not be dried or withered. Even though lilies do not need daily watering it is necessary to water deep enough to reach the bulb when they are watered. Also, seedpods must be removed and stems and foliage when the leaves turn yellow. For lilies to bloom the faded flowers must be removed. Also, high-nitrogen fertilizers must be avoided.

Usefulness of lily:

Lily is just not only a beautiful flower. It has various purpose and benefits. The flowers, leaves and herbs are used in making medicines. Lilies are used to extract oils which can be used for curative and softening purposes. Lilies help in regulating the heartbeat which in turn helps the heart to function more efficiently and regularly. Another advantage of lilies is that it can be used to heal burns and remove scars. It can also be used as a remedy for conjunctivitis, strokes and leprosy. The dried and fresh bulbs of lilies can be used to treat ulcers as they have good astringent and comforting properties. Lilies are used in healing creams, herbal face washes, cay and night creams and hand and body lotions. The essential oil of lily is used in aromatherapy. This is used to help depressive patients,

Why are lilies popular?

Lilies have a great demand not only because of their medicinal purpose, but also because of various other reasons. Lilies have a stunning appearance which makes it well-liked. Lilies are associated with funerals and death. The meaning is that the soul has moved on. Lilies are also used in Asian cuisines because of their properties such as its sweetness, chewy feeling and its mild vegetable flavor.  Lilies are also used to create fragrances for its enchanting smell. Lilies are used for ability to adorn and beautify spaces. Lilies are also used to show affection and care.