Parts of flowers and their usage

The very nature of flowers is divine. Their fragrance is just spellbinding especially some flowers in specific spread mesmerizing smell. However, there is more to it than just spreading good smell. Yet, there are so many other flower uses that we completely forget about. Flowers can make a dessert taste like heaven or create aromatherapy to rest our tired souls. We’ve put together a list of ideas take advantage of their some of their other beautiful qualities that reach far beyond the pretty colors and fragrant bouquets.

Roses are edible

A few people may be aware of this fact, but it is true. Some claim its taste resembles much with the taste of a sweet apple while others fail to describe the taste. Several recipes, delicacies, desserts, cookies cakes, pudding, confectionaries, jams make use of roses.

Sunflower’s seeds are nutritious

Sunflower seeds are highly rich in vitamin E around and make for a good summer snack. Raw seeds carry more protein and richer vitamin E than roasted sunflower seeds. They can be sprinkled over cereals, salads, and even be mixed with pesto sauce.

Lavender as natural relaxation tool

Lavender’s smell is a great stress buster which has the potential to calm even the most stressed mind. It is used to make a variety of potions, lotions, teas, and oils. The easiest way to relax your mind and soul is though a lavender bath.

Health remedies

Flowers have huge therapeutic and medicinal properties. Many professional therapists make use of specific flower oil to eliminate numerous ailments and provide a soothing effect on our spirit and mind.

One of the most popular therapies is color therapy. It has become synonym for mental well-being. The color of flowers has a tendency to highly influence our mind state and it’s calm. They provide essential oils for pain relief and soul relaxation. Herbal teas extracted from flowers are a great substitute to caffeinated tea which has large healing properties and work against many common ailment and even obesity.

Flowers as gift

Flowers can never be wrong option when you think of it as a gift because they bring smile on each and every face. Any occasion be it an opening ceremony, product launches, premiere, achievements and weddings are incomplete without a bunch of bouquet. Love message on Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, birthdays, wedding anniversary, father’s day, special anniversary or simply to make him/her smile.