Lifestyle and Fashion- The Trends


Lifestyle depends on ones view about himself and the world around him. So, to make a lifestyle is like creating a single yourself to stand out among the crowd. Creating a lifestyle is about having views on health, politics, environment, etc. But, the lifestyles depend on people around you. The world around you can put constraints on your lifestyle. In technology, there are many pros and cons. Technology has affected our lifestyles. New gadgets have emerged and depending on our use of technology, lifestyle can be made.

Environment is another factor to determine the lifestyle. The natural environment is all about a clean and healthy environment and social environment depends on the living and working conditions. Both these environment can alter our lifestyle. Being physically and mentally strong affects our lifestyle. A depressed person will be having a withdrawn lifestyle as compared to an emotionally strong person.


Fashion is about how you portray yourself physically. It shows how a person goes with the latest trends in clothing, accessories, footwear and so on. The word fashion means clothing and its related study. The designers bring new trends on the fashion, which if accepted by people will become a trend all over. The beginning of 20th century, the fashion industry has shown a boom and is still on the rise. New trends in fashion are coming out day by day and each designer is competing with another for acceptance. Fashion is now well sought factor among the masses. A person’s way of dressing shows how up-to-date he/she is with the tread. The most helping factor for fashion is the media where people get ideas as to the changes in fashion and the new accessories in market.

Flowers in modern fashion

Flowers portray a lot of positive things and it symbolizes many aspects. Including flowers in modern fashion, they intend to bring these aspects into play. Red rose represents passion and love and the same can be used to portray it in fashion. Flowers have been in fashion since the beginning and they are used more as various trendsetters. It isn’t a recent trend, but it has evolved and made a permanent place in fashion world. The beauty of flowers is added to enhance the accessories or the clothing. The importance of flowers is such that a clothesline collection can be based on the flowers concept. The designers are well aware of the possibilities and they make use of flowers to the best. Since the recent tread is recycling the old 80s and 90s tread and still flowers can’t be avoided. The modern fashion is dependent on the flowers as witsh the same importance as to fabrics.