Knowing our festival of light – Diwali

Diwali is synonymously used as the “festival of lights” in India. Being a spiritual and culturally divine in its customs and traditions, Diwali gets the perfect amalgamation of culture and rituals. Diwali is also regarded as bringing spirituality in our lives as festival of light illuminates, eradicating any form of darkness or evil thoughts. Diwali is also known as “King of all festivals”.

Sequence of festivity

Diwali is celebrated over five days and each day has a different meaning and mythological dependence. The five days of Diwali are classified as

–          The first day is the Dhanteras (abbreviated for Dhanvantari Triodasi). Being the first day of Diwali, it initiates the flow of wealth by worshipping goddess Lakshmi. It was believed that Yama returned without taking the life of King Hima’s son who was destined to die, as he was impressed with the devotion of the queen of King Hima. On this day oil lamps are lit as a symbol of worship.

–          The second day is the Narak Chaturdasi. On this day, lord Krishna executed Narkasur (an evil demon). Fire crackers, oil bathe and oil lamps are accustomed to be followed. It’s often referred to as Chota (small) Diwali in certain regions of India.

–          Third day is the worship of goddess Lakshmi. It marks the most important day of the festival. People in India worship the goddess to grant wealth, health and prosperity for the coming years.

–          Fourth day is the Balipratipada or Bestavarash. This day has unique meaning in different parts of the country. In South India, it is assumed that demon in the form of Yama or Bali declines with his forces to earth and his hunger and thirst must be fulfilled. However, in north India it is treated as a new year and celebrated accordingly.

–          Fifth day is the Bhai Duj. This day is dedicated to the sisters to pray for their brother’s health and prosperity.

People in India celebrate Diwali over five days and with the equal spirit on every day. Some of the days might be prominent in certain regions of our country depending on the cascade pulse of celebrations. However, the essence of Diwali is marked over those five days mentioned as above. In the contrary, certain section do celebrate as an account of return of lord Rama to his hometown ayodhya after being in aisle for fourteen years. Irrespective of any mythological belief, Diwali still marks its importance in everyone’s heart by conquering joy. It is believed as a holy day to let all the evil deeds and start afresh with wisdom and kind hearted.

Gifts for Diwali

Custom of exchanging gifts during Diwali has always been a special moment in everyone’s life. Being gifted by someone teaches us the importance of our living and likewise giving a gift would give immense satisfaction and pleasure of being close to the heart.  Kids like Diwali, as they are certain to receive some special gifts for the elders and even elders do not like to dishearten them. Apart from kids many of the grown-ups also like the festival of light for the same reason. People get new cloth wear and invest on purchasing new accessories, vehicles or any household articles as it is considered a sign of prosperity. Exchanging gifts are not just applicable within a family, but beyond with neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances or even with strangers. Companies tend to gift its employees on this occasion of Diwali.

Creativity has led to innovation and one such innovation can be witnessed at placing online orders for gifts and flowers for Diwali. Diwali is one such occasion where it would not be possible to meet the growing demand of flowers and gifts by just purchasing offline. Florists would be burdened with a lot of requests and gift vendors would be crowded with many people resorting to the same channel to gift their near and dear ones. Nowadays, every alternative service being provided online, gifts and florist are not left out. Online florists and gift shops are available in each city. They accept placing orders and deliver to the destination by making a payment online using a secure gateway. The best advantage of using a website is it provides the user a complete customization to any gift or even the floral arrangement. People staying abroad often get detached from the family during the festivals because of business reasons. Nevertheless, gifting is made easy and precise with online websites proving the same service.

Festival – Today

A festival such as Diwali is often celebrated by people of all religion, irrespective of caste or creed. Modernization in the outlook of this festival has changed to a large extent. Some people treat it to be a vacation and plan accordingly. Festivity has to be nurtured within ourselves so that the same culture and tradition can be passed along the generations to come.