Growing Flowers And Making People Smile

A well-maintained garden is naturally the pride of the owner. Gardens and landscaping is a fairly old concept. The English, French and Japanese designed huge gardens based on strict principles. The Japanese Zen garden, in fact may not even have a single flower. It is about arrangement of elements to create a balance in the visual space. One step into a Zen garden and one feels at peace with one self. The art is practised by Zen monks.

India too has given importance to gardens. The epic Ramayan mentions Ram and Sita meeting in the garden and later on goes on to describe the beautiful Ashok Van where Sita was kept hostage. Shalimar and Nishat Bagh belonging to the Mughal period find a place of pride in the Indian history. The Vrindavan gardens with their musical fountains are also well known. From the recent times, Mughal gardens or the lawns of Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi are worth mentioning both for their expense as well as the maintenance to keep it beautiful.

Acknowledging the increase in demand for flowers and influenced by the profits associated with them, more and more farmers are switching over to cultivating flowers. Some have even left their plush paying jobs and have entered in this business. The flowers that are being grown in India for export purposes include exotic and non native species like tulips, bird of paradise, orchids, etc.