Fun with your Garden Flowers

Do you have loads of flowers in your garden and your heart gets torn every time you see those flowers wither? Why not preserve your favourite flowers or make something beautiful out of them? Let us start now and enjoy our own homemade creations with these beautiful flowers.

Drying your flowers in the sand

Don’t want your flowers to dry and wither away in your garden? Now you can dry your garden flowers using the sand any time of the year and preserve them.

Here are some easy steps to do it-

What you need– Sand (according to how many flowers you want to dry), a carton or a shoebox, a paintbrush or a pencil, and your favourite flowers.

  1. Fill half of the shoebox (or carton) with sand (a one inch layer of sand will do).
  2. Place your flower gently on the sand. You can also put foliage or a flower with a stalk.
  3. Now very gently cover the flower with more sand so as the flower is completely buried in the sand.
  4. As you pour the sand for the above step, support your flower using a pencil or a paintbrush. You need to do it carefully.
  5. Keep the box someplace where there is less moisture and where the box is not disturbed.
  6. Wait… wait… wait… for two or three weeks.
  7. Now tilt the box in one direction to remove the sand from the box. Also, lift the flower in the same direction so that the flower is not damaged.
  8. For a finishing touch, clean the flower with a gentle flow or stream of sand. This will remove all the residue sand from the flower.
  9. Your flower is dried now.

Make your own Potpourri

Make your very own potpourri using your garden flowers. Flowers with a sweet fragrance work best for a potpourri. You can use flowers like lavender, rose, jasmine, geranium, carnation, tulip and daisy.

What you need– petals of dried flowers (any), essential oils of rose, lavender and orange blossom (whichever you like), orrisroot (fixative), a large bowl, a tablespoon, a cup, brown paper bag, an air tight jar or a lidded container

  1. Spread petals of flowers in a baking dish or a newspaper and let it dry. This will take time so you need to be patient. Also, you will need many petals as they shrink when they dry.
  2. When all the petals are completely dried, take a large bowl. Now put one tablespoon of orrisroot for everyone cup of petals and put it in the bowl (both the petals and orrisroot).
  3. Add a few drops of essential oils to the petals. You can also mix different essential oils and come up with your own fragrance. These oils are concentrated oils so please use only a few drops at a time.
  4. Mix well with a spoon.
  5. Place all the ingredients of the bowl in a brown paper bag and shake well.
  6. Let the mixture sit for about five to six weeks. Also, don’t forget to shake the bag every week.
  7. Add a few drops of essential oils, more dried petals and other ingredients like cloves and cinnamon for more fragrance.
  8. Shake the contents again very well and distribute in small containers.
  9. Now you can put the potpourri in cloth sachets or beautiful jars.
  10. Keep the unused potpourri in the air tight jar or container for future use.

Flower Arrangement

You can decorate your home or give a new look to your room with different arrangements of your garden flowers. You just need to arrange the flowers and foliage beautifully and secure them with pins. That is not a hard thing to do is it?

Here are some unique flower arrangements you can easily make with your garden flowers at home.

Horizontal flower arrangement

What you need– A shallow container, anchor pins or very gluey anchor foam, flowers, foliage

  1. Position your foliage or line flowers horizontally in a shallow container with the anchor foam or anchor pins. Make sure you maintain the shape of the arrangement.
  2. Insert the big focal flowers in the middle of the container.
  3. Fill in around with more line flowers or foliage making sure no gap is left.

Crescent flower arrangement-

What you need– A bowl container, anchor pins or very gluey anchor foam, flowers, foliage

  1. Put the foam in the container. Insert curved line flowers or leaves to make a crescent form. You need to determine the length of the crescent arrangements beforehand.
  2. Insert the big focal flowers in the bowl. They should be lower than the line flowers so as to maintain the shape of crescent.
  3. Fill in with more line flowers and foliage until you see a crescent shape in the arrangement.