Flowers -The Indian Way of Treating the Blooms

India has a rich history of cultivation of flowers. Most of this can be attributed to the vast range of geographical and climatic zones present in this land. Though there are wide varieties of flowers that grow here, it is surprising that only a handful of them are native to the country. This fact, however, does not diminish their importance in our culture.

Gardens in India

Probably, the earliest mention of gardens is in the Ramayana where Ram and Sita met in a garden and later Sita is kept as a prisoner in Ravana’s famed Ashok Van. Gardens were designed as places where the weary travellers could rest. Sometimes they were attached to a guest house. In fact, making gardens for beautification of the city as well as a place for relaxation was high on the agenda of many emperors. The most well-known gardens belong to the Mughal era – the famous Shalimar and Nishat Bagh in Kashmir are a testimony to the expertise of the Indian gardener. Then, there are the Vrindavan gardens in the South, which are engineering marvel and combining water from the dam in the form of musical fountains. The more recent Mughal gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan, once again prove the love that people in India have for flowers and gardens.

Flowers for Commercial Use

Flowers have been grown in India for a long-time and have been used for religious ceremonies, medicinal purpose and decorative needs. Initially, flowers were sold on a small scale and on specific occasions. Though flowers have been sold commercially it is only now that their actual value is realised. With the changing times, there is a new trend in both cultivations and sales of flowers.

The New Age Flower Seller

No longer is the flower seller found just sitting outside the temple or any other religious place. These days, the occupation of a florist is very well paying and much sought after. A florist need not have a physical shop; the online version of the traditional flower shop is popular and flourishing. More and more people are now browsing the web for sending floral gifts to their near and dear ones. What is more is that to remain in business, florists are cashing in on popular sentiments and turning a non occasion into a special one. They have provision to send flowers on behalf of those who tend to forget birthdays and anniversaries.

Flowers and fashion

For many of us, the single most important event in our lives is the wedding. Grand plans are made to make it a memorable one. These include exotic destinations, expensive designer wear, and mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking decor. And, can weddings ever be complete without flowers? According to wedding planners using exotic flowers is as good as choosing an exotic location. The use of right flowers in the venue decor, on the tables and for the bride all help in creating a luxurious, dramatic and romantic look.