Flowers – Spreading Colors in Life

22e9c1dd064ea6a7_wedding_flowersLife and flowers

Flower resembles a Life and compliments each other both spreads happiness and color in the life. Like Life Flower represents God’s finest workmanship. The very word ‘flower’ brings in a feeling of a fresh breath. The flower is an epitome of love togetherness and bonding. Life starts with a flower and ends with a flower.

Symbol of Love &Affection

A flower symbolizes love, affection and tranquility. They are the subject of poetry many poets have used this as their imagination to weave a garden of love.  No description is complete without a reference being made for a flower. There are Flowers like the rose, lotus, lilies, dalais, etc. which are famous for their beauty and glamour and there are some flowers like forget me not the name was coined for its sweet fragrance and its beauty. Once given to the loved ones they cannot forget each other .Flower tells us the character of a person, a person liking Rose shows the romance you have in your life and how romantic you are.  Lilly represents fun loving and a delicate person.

Flowers for celebration

Flowers are the integral part of any celebration, you can make your celebration a grand affair to remember with a bouquet of stunning Lucerneflowers adorn your occasion with fresh and colorful flower as decoration. Flowers are a traditional decorative expression for celebrating a special occasion.  In India there are 29 states and each state has a festival of its own in if it’s Onam in Kerala, it’s Bihu in Assam, it’s Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Sankranti in Andhra. All the festivals are incomplete without flowers each household decorates their houses with flowers. Women make Rangoli with flowers. Some of the state Governments decorate their entire state with flowers. People need reasons to celebrate and what better way to express their happiness and togetherness with flowers. Flowers are used for all such occasions.