flower careNature has a handful of wonders to offer and flowers are one among them. They bloom with glory enchanting those who touch them mesmerizing the ethereal plane around them. Flowers offer a moment of surprise to its viewers. A flower is a blossom or a plant itself which is renowned for its blossoms. Their gorgeous colors and alluring aroma makes flowers a promising gift of nature.floral guide

The lifecycle of a flower is quite an interesting one from the point it buds. There is a moment of appreciation for every flower. Green houses and farms raise flowers and sell them in the external market. It is a cumbersome job to nurture these blossoms in challenging climate. Most of the flowers are grown in grassland like areas which receive plenty of rain and sunshine. Holland is known for its Tulip production which touches an annual count of 1 million. The flowers are well planted, watered and kept free from pests. They have to be plucked and processed very quickly. Improper time management can cause the flowers to perish. Flowers have a very short active life period after which they will fade off. But all the hard work is paid off one single day, the same day when the flower stands tall blooming itself to full glory filling an area with pure fragrance, the sweet smell of love, care and happiness.flower guide

There are numerous flowers which are classified as wild flowers or garden flowers. They are used for several purposes. You can see them almost everywhere.

  • Being beautiful and lovely not only makes them perfect but also an everyday visitor to many places such as temples. Garlands made of fresh flowers are put over deities to mark loyalty and love.
  • Different flowers suit different occasions and each of them will leave a special mark in the book of time. From time immemorial, red roses have undertaken the duty of spreading expressions between hearts. Even now during Valentine’s Day, roses fill the shops all over the world.
  • Wedding events also witness an extravagant use of rose, lily and other fragrant flowers. An event is made special by these charming gifts of God. They witness many occasions and convert an otherwise ordinary day to a special one.
  • Flowers also symbolize religious meanings. White lily is often used by Christians as it is considered pure.flower guide

Flowers are transformed into garlands, bouquets and grouped for placing in vases. Garlands are decorated with specially trimmed roses to enrich the occasion. Beauty and fragrance differentiate flowers. While certain flowers like Rose and Lily are known for their structural beauty, flowers like are known for their amazing fragrance. It is a special world to feel, to enjoy, when there is a garden full of flowers facing your house.