Christmas- A Day to Cheer

Christmas is the most popular holiday, which is being celebrated all around the world with full enthusiasm and joy.  Even though, it was first proclaimed by western countries, but after some years this festival got its worldwide acceptance. This occasion is a Victorian invention. It counts for the number one position in the list of most celebrated holidays in the world. The Christmas, what we are celebrating today is a result of years of both materialistic and spiritual traditions all around the globe.  The significance of this holy day is birth of Jesus Christ. The annual commemoration of this festival is done on 25th December of every year. Non-Christians also celebrate this festival on a larger scale. It is the most important day for Christians. Throughout the year, they keep on waiting for this day to come. They celebrate this day in different ways. Some people go for forty days fast whereas some other goes for four weeks of advent. The final shot takes place on the eve of Christmas day. This day is known for its special decorations. Every Christian gives his best to make this day as the most remarkable day of the year.

Christmas for kids

For kids, the word Christmas brings all the joy and pleasure in one place. On this day they will be expecting some surprises and gifts. Different people do different things for their kids depending upon their financial conditions. Celebrating Christmas by cutting cost doesn’t mean that you are a money grubber. Purchasing expensive things can’t buy all the happiness for your children. The thing which really matters is what you do for them. Shifting the focus of your mind from buying gifts can be the key in making your family happy without breaking your bank balance. Always keep in mind that when it comes to Christmas and kids, Cheap is best!!

You can make your Christmas special without breaking your child’s heart.

How to celebrate Christmas:

  • Prepare a camp out: Bring out all your sleeping bags and camp accessories to the living room. Don’t forget to bring out chocolates and spend some valuable time with them by telling some carols.
  • Take them out in a car: Let them sleep for one hour, but do wake them up after some time and take them out to see the Christmas lights. You can also bring hot drinks from outside.
  • Shopping time: Take your kids out one day and make them shop for other family members. Meanwhile, you can also buy something for them under your budget.
  • Visit animal shelter: Spend beautiful time with your family by taking them out for pet patrols. You can also go for local human society. It will be a pleasure to watch homeless pets during this season.
  • Make your dinnertime special: Try out something new in dinner by keeping your kids’ taste in your mind. Make good memories!!
  • Visit library: go to library and come home with a fine collection of books on Christmas. Read out these books for your kids.

Christmas gifts: Spread love

It is the simplest way through which you can show your love to your beloved ones. Giving presents will show that you do care for them. You can spread cheer and appreciation all around. It is like mandatory to give gifts on this day. Choose something special for your family and close friends. Let your heart choose for your families and close friends. Choose whatever they like and admire most. Nothing can be better than that. The cost of the gift doesn’t matter at all if it leaves a smile on your partner’s face. Just choose the best in whatever you have. If possible, then provide gifts to the servants who are working in your house.

If you are a manager, give gifts to your employees.

Christmas period:

This period is also called as holiday period. During this time most of the employees get off their work in order to spend some valuable time with their loved ones.  This “holiday season” is also known as annual festive period. It starts from late November and runs until January. This season brings a lot of shopping ideas in mind. It is also referred as holiday shopping season.

Tips for better Christmas:

Christmas brings a lot of memories and pleasure to mind. You have to manage a lot of things during this stressful time. Unexpected expenses, last minute shopping and unlimited expectations can make you feel low. You can plan everything well before the time to reduce your Christmas stress.

  • Plan out a budget for Christmas:  Christmas is a festival to celebrate, not to pay massive credit card bills. Take a rough idea on a piece of paper about all your expenses. Do it as soon as possible. Some hidden expenses can also occur.
  • Presents: If you live in a joint family then buy gifts only for children. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to buy gifts for each and every individual. You can also list out some important person to whom you want to give presents.
  • Give importance to health: it may be the season of alcohol and drinks, but you should take care of yourself. Drinking too much is harmful for health.

Things you should do to remove your stress:

  • Start saving from your monthly income as soon as New Year starts. It will fetch you good results at the time of Christmas.
  • Shop all the gifts you want to buy as early as possible.
  • Celebrate with your friend if you have joint family.
  • Take good care of yourself. Get enough sleep.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Keep following your routine.