I always like my trailer or hotel room to have fresh flowers or pillows I find at a local flea market – anything to personalize the environment.’ – Chloe Sevigny


This quote beautifully sums up the reason to have flowers around you. If there is something that you can gift to someone or even to yourself without an occasion or a reason, it is flowers.  A gift of flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Flowers in the home

Flowers are ideal to change the decor of a room in no time. With the number of colours they are available; you can coordinate them with your interiors. However, fresh cut flowers in the home are not just for decorating purpose, a bouquet of flowers brightens up the smallest space and adds warmth to the house.  It also makes the space hospitable and makes the people feel welcome.  Medically it is proven that flowers have a healing power; if not physically they heal people mentally by taking away their worries and anxieties. They alleviate the mood and this is why people like to grow flowers in their gardens or window boxes and if that is not possible they buy cut flowers for their homes.  Why just homes? Flowers are found to increase efficiency in workplace as well.

Gifting flowers to your loved one

Gifting flowers is a great way to make up if you have forgotten an important occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Who can remain upset after seeing a bouquet of exotic orchids? Most flowers have a sentiment attached to them; just buy the flowers which best describe what you have to say and gift them.

Expression of love is synonymous with flowers. Red roses have been commercially exploited so much, but still there is something special about them and every time you present them to your loved one, you convey the same sentiment in a unique way.