Autumn – The Festive Season of the year

The most awaited season of the year is the autumn in India. It brings a lot of joy, happiness, warmth for various seasons. The monsoon clouds would have just passed, the leaves from the tree would start to shed, and atmosphere starts getting chillier, blankets come out of wardrobe. It’s also the arrival of festive season starting from Dussehra followed by Diwali, then the Christmas and New Year’s Eve to mark the arrival of wonderful year ahead.

During the festive season, people would be filled with enthusiasm and celebrations planned ahead of festivals. As we all know Dussehra is marked as a day of victory of God over Evil, i.e. Ram over Ravan. It’s celebrated after the worship of

  • Goddess of power (Durga).
  • Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi).
  • Goddess of knowledge (Saraswati).

The most anticipated festival of the year is Diwali and it is celebrated exactly 21 days after Dussehra. It’s also called as the ‘Festival of Light’ and rightly so, as children and grown-ups get to burst crackers and light lamps. It is accounted as the return of Ram to his native Ayodhya. Not just for the children and the grown-ups, it also makes a huge influence to the revenue flows in India. No other festival increases warmth amongst people than Diwali. There are various reasons to celebrate and rejoice this special festival of Light.

On account of Diwali

  • People buy new fashionable clothes.
  • Houses are decorated with new artifacts.
  • Purchase of jewelry.
  • Shopping mall’s release attractive discounts to their customers.
  • Purchase of new commodities/ vehicle/ house.

Streets and offices are decorated with lights and lamps.